Singapore Esports Association (SGEA) would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the topic of national representation of esports at Major Games.

The National Selection Process

SGEA nominates esports athletes for evaluation by the Singapore National Olympic Committee (SNOC) to be part of Team Singapore through a “Direct Pick” or a “National Selections”. 

Direct Picks are chosen by working together with relevant game publishers to determine the best performing athletes for that game title in Singapore. 

Winners of our National Selections are also nominated by SGEA for evaluation. A nomination is not an automatic qualification to be a part of Team Singapore.

Our policy for selection of nominees can be found at:

The Evaluation Process

The evaluation process determines who will be a part of Team Singapore. SNOC will evaluate the submitted nominees based on criteria which can be found at:

Athletes who have done well at this stage and passed the evaluation will represent Singapore in the Major Games they were nominated for. 

The Right Arena

SGEA understands and empathises with the disappointment faced by the athletes who were not selected for the 31st SEA Games. Countless hours of training and sacrifice have been put in and seemingly all for naught. 

SGEA wants to facilitate more opportunities for our local athletes to take part in international tournaments by working with publishers and sponsors and making this a reality.

Razer Invitational 2022 and the SEA Esports Championships are examples of tournaments that teams can compete in at a regional level and are excellent arenas for teams to build experience and test their mettle against regional counterparts.

SGEA’s mission has always been to facilitate Singapore’s participation in regional and international events and competitions, promote the virtues of esports excellence and perpetuate the local esports eco system by nurturing homegrown talents, especially among youths. 

We appreciate hearing from you and we ask that you reach out and have a meaningful conversation with us on how we can elevate the esports scene in Singapore together.