Hangzhou, China, 24 September 2023 – Esports has finally made its debut as an official medal event at the 19th Asian Games, with seven gold medals to be awarded across seven game titles: Arena of Valor (Asian Games Version), DOTA 2, Dream of Three Kingdoms 2, League of Legends, Peace Elite (Asian Games Version), Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and EA Sports FC Online.

Esports kicks off its first competitions today, on September 24th, with EA Sports FC Online and Arena of Valor (Asian Games Version) to be the inaugural titles of this historic event. A total of 476 national athletes from 30 participating countries will compete over nine days, involving 219 matches, with 21 medals to be awarded.

The official draws were conducted for all seven game titles, with AESF Vice-President Mr. Lokesh Suji, Mr. Sebastian Lau, and the Esports Technical Delegate Mr. Steve Kim taking turns drawing countries from the pool.