Congrats to Team Illusion for emerging as the champion of #SGPlaysTogether TeleMatch DOTA 2! Lots of love and support to GlapGlap too for putting up a good fight.

SOOS OIO would like to thank:
– Singapore Esports Association and The GYM GG for all their support.
– Facilitators Xing YongPoh Jin, Ian, de Wei, Ah Yew and Damian for their time and effort behind the scenes.
– Casters Wilson “Sharkmomi, Ernest “Kiseijuu”, Chenkai “Fixers”, Matthew “W@D3V3R” and Benedict “Memoria” for helping out with the casting.
– Special guests Hades CastsXyclopz and Winter for sharing their experiences.
– All the players and viewers for being so sporting

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